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The Playa Carabassi cleanup as an awareness-raising exercise

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The Playa Carabassi cleanup as an awareness-raising exercise
We are saying nothing new when we tell you that the oceans are undergoing severe changes due to natural variations and overexploitation.

Human-induced climate change has now contributed approximately 1.1°C to global warming.

This is undoubtedly causing unprecedented changes to the seas, their coastlines and their composition.

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface and are responsible for regulating the Earth's climate and sustaining life. 

That's important, right? If you haven't yet stopped to think about it, think about it now. If you do as a result of this email, we will have made an important step.



At Trendsplant, we are aware that the oceans are the source of life of the planet. Care and conservation of the oceans is crucial to the planet.

Hence, whenever we have the opportunity, we join initiatives like the cleanup of 12 June, at Playa Carabassi.

As part of World Ocean Day, we conducted a great plastic cleanup together with Germain de Capuccini, Actuamos Alicante and Surf Rider España.

The purpose was to raise awareness about the problem of marine waste and how the oceans are fundamental to our day-to-day lives.

As you know, we were founded on the shores of the Mediterranean, so the sea is very important to us. We must all take care of it.



At nine in the morning, we got to work. We found trash, of course, there is still much awareness-raising work to do.

However, without a doubt, what caught our attention most was the amount of small plastic particles in the sand

We didn't see them at first, in fact the sand had to be sieved to find them, but there they were.

There were areas that seemed clean. When we conducted the process, we were amazed at what was left in the sieve.

Let us respect the environment. The planet is not ours, it has only been left to us to live on and it is up to us, and only us, to make sure we can keep living on it.

Thanks to the Trendsplant team for always participating in these activities and to the other people who were helping!

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