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Trendsplant Report Vol. VI

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
Trendsplant Report Vol. VI

Trendsplant's philosophy is that every new year triggers us to improve, grow and progress.

How was our 2021? For several reasons we cannot complain. We finished the year positively, we brought out new products and we saw a community grow around the brand. Thanks for your support!

Enough intro, let’s focus on the report!


Accounts in the black

We finished the year in the black. That can only be very good news: a great springboard to tackling the challenges of 2022.

Our colleague Luis is closing the accounts, but he has already let slip that our turnover has grown by 21% and the average shopping cart has risen by 51%.

One more key thing: our returns rate is only 9%. That figure is very positive, especially if we compare it to the figure for the rest of the sector which lies between 20% and 30%.

When customers receive their product, they usually tell us what they receive is better than expected and better than they saw on the website. We’re very happy about that, but at the same time we realize that we have to improve the content.

New website

We’ve spent months working on the renovation. We’ll swap Prestashop for Shopify. There are several reasons, but with Shopify we’ll depend less on third parties, we’ll solve our current automation problems and we’ll get a very good server solution.

They say the conversion rate is better, but we’ll have to see... ;)


Materials shortage

We see achievement of the above figures as a complete success, especially in a year when there has been a materials shortage and many new products have not materialized.

It has been very challenging to access raw materials and to cope with the fashion giants changing their sites of production from Asia to Europe, inundating factories with their massive demands.

But our formula in the face of slowdowns and problems: creative solutions. We must exploit the resources we have to the full and work within them.

Order, order, order. Processes, processes, processes

This is something we already knew which we became more aware of in 2021: order and processes. We dedicated much of the year to working on those aspects.

2022 must be the year in which order prevails within Trendsplant and processes are refined as much as possible. There’s work ahead, it's a big challenge. But we have more than enough motivation to overcome it.



We are a B Corp!

Have we already told you this? We have? We repeat: we are a B Corp!

A lot of work goes into this certification. It’s a very demanding process which lasts several months. Our founders Luis and Miguel moved heaven and earth to gather all the documentation and meet the requirements.

B Corp™ is a global movement of people who believe in companies as regenerating forces in society. It’s a qualification obtained by companies whose main objectives include caring for the world.

There are only 4,200 companies worldwide who hold this certification (in Spain the figure barely exceeds 100). B Corp™ represents part of the global movement of people who use their business as a force for good (Force for good™).


We have earned this prestigious seal certifying that our tax footprint lies totally within Spain.

KNOWCOST is a consumer philosophy based on conscious consumption, knowing not just the visible cost of the product (the retail price), but also the unseen indirect costs we all pay: the costs to our welfare and the planet.



Mediterranean Roast: a very special, TOP collaboration

We came to December with Mediterranean Roast, a special limited edition: Trendsplant x Coffeewinks

The beauty of two very different worlds fused into one product. Coffee and fashion are linked here by sustainability, traceability and the city where both projects were born, Alicante on the Mediterranean coast.

The pack contains a limited edition T-shirt made with (almost unprocessed) raw cotton yarn, and a 250g bag of special 100% Colombian Arabica coffee, freshly roasted to order by Coffeewinks. ONLY 100 units!


There’s much new to come, but (for now) we can tell you little

For March we’ll have a new collection based on the Sierra de Mariola (Alicante). There’ll be new pigment dye products, new sunglasses models and the LIFE BY THE SEA summer collection.

Yes, there’ll be your favorites, the trunks. New models have also been confirmed for 2022.

Thanks for your support in 2021, now let's face this new year together.

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