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Trendsplant Report Vol. IV

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Trendsplant Report Vol. IV
We will also take this opportunity to tell you about several products coming to Trendsplant in the next few months.

Retraced: technology to make us more transparent

Retraced is a technological solution for managing efficiently and transparently the chain of materials, supplies and manufacturers involved in the manufacture of any of our products (transparency being our key value).

Select any of our garments or products and you will now get very detailed information on the origin of the materials employed, the manufacturers, and the steps of the manufacturing and handling process.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Retraced. Thanks to its technology, from now on you can check the traceability of our products and materials from their source.


Cut for women

Trendsplant has been repeatedly asked for a cut for women, and since May it has become a reality.

We have a new line of T-shirts with a cut exclusively for women.

You asked us for this new cut and now you have it. For us to be able to respond to your comments and translate them into our products is a major advance.


Our new sunglasses collection: pure craftsmanship

Several days ago, we sent you a message about our new sunglasses collection inspired by the two most characteristic winds of the Mediterranean: the Mistral and the Sirocco.

100% handmade in the Portuguese JM workshop from top quality materials fully sourced from the best manufacturers in Italy, such as Mazzuchelli, these sunglasses represent a piece of craftsmanship very few can match.

The cellulose acetate we use in our sunglasses is a plant-based plastic made from renewable materials.

It was first used in the manufacture of glasses from the end of the 1940s. Cellulose acetate glasses are not only free of materials harmful to the environment, they are much more hard-wearing than oil-based glasses.


Underwear: a new product arrives

Trendsplant’s male followers can get a new product within a few weeks.

Some time ago the idea of manufacturing boxers formed in our heads. We can already announce that the work is very advanced and they will be unveiled next season.

As always, we will use the best materials produced in Europe based on sustainability.

More products: Pants for this Fall

Another garment we cannot wait for.

After the success we had this summer with our shorts manufactured from SEAQUAL® YARN and cotton, as well as the line using Eco-Finish Dye technology which reduces the consumption of water in the process by more than 90%, we have gone one step further.

Trendsplant’s Fall/Winter collection will feature long pants dyed using Eco-Finish Dye technology. As you know, with this technology the dye is applied to the garment through nebulization, a more sustainable and efficient process.


More Trendsplant sales outlets

Although our website and the Trendsplant store in Alicante are our main sales outlets, we always dream of adding more.

You will find Trendsplant products and garments in Zephyr Surf Shop in Saint Malo (France) and also on the Danish website, where our swim wear made with SEAQUAL® YARN is a triumph.

Germany is becoming a country where our products and garments are increasingly in demand.

It is exciting to see more and more orders from different parts of the planet like Germany, and such sales becoming an important leg of our business.


Are we really going to end with figures? Yes, we’re really going to end with figures!

And not because the last point of our report is any less important. LISTEN UP! This is the first time in the history of Trendsplant that we have ended the second quarter making profits.

For us this is a gigantic step: proof that the cogs of the Trendsplant machine are running smoothly and we are going in the right direction.

But of course, it could not have been possible without you. THANKS for your company on this voyage!

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