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Meet the Team: Luis

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Meet the Team: Luis

...our best Risk player, conquering the world with our elephant army...

A place to get lost?

Before my son was born, any European capital with friends would do. I had great times in Budapest, but the place I loved most was the Sierra Nevada with my snowboard… Now that we have a child, our favorite place is Sagres on the Portuguese Algarve: uncrowded and fantastic beaches for the whole family.


What is that Trendsplant item you always put in your suitcase?

Always in my suitcase are pigment dye t-shirts and a pair of bamboo socks for maximum comfort… But my real favorite is the yellow coach jacket, although often in summer I don't put it in my suitcase...

That song you can’t stop humming…

I go through phases and it depends on my mood...

Recently I’ve been listening a lot to “We Are Young” by Fun. It makes me feel good and takes me back to past holidays and parties...

I’m a great fan of electronic music. My favorite band of all time is the Prodigy. When I need motivation, I play “Champions of London” from their last album No Tourists.

I occasionally play the soundtracks of Interstellar and Into the Wild, two of my favorite films.


What does Trendsplant represent to you, beyond clothing?

Many things. For me Trendsplant is not a job, but a way of life. We have spent almost 12 years on this project, and it gives us the autonomy at work I think everyone should have, or at least sometimes feel they have.

We’ve always said that the least important thing is that it is a clothing brand. Most importantly, it is a vehicle for learning, devising new things and above all imposing our rules without having to follow those of other people.



Name another brand that you feel identified with…

I hate to admit it, but the truth is that I don’t care much about clothes [laughs]... the expert on that is Mike.

Generally, I have bought very few clothes, especially over the last 12 years. One brand I love is Camper. I love their strategy and design, and I'm a special fan of their slippers, a comfortable, durable product at a perfect price considering their quality.

I've been wearing their different designs for about 20 years. Anyone who knows me knows it is my classic brand.



What book would you give away?

Can we give away books that we haven't read? I’ve done it with Sapiens, as it has been recommended to me so many times.

Another book I’ve given away but have read is Impact Science by my great friend Bruno Sanchez-Andrade (aka “The Mad Scientist”), where he shares his vision of where science has to evolve and above all how it can reach ordinary people like us.

Unfortunately, I have little time to read, but I spend an average of 2 hours a day devouring podcasts, especially by entrepreneurs or about business training.


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