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Let's talk masks

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Let's talk masks

We recently told you about our support for #masks4all. This time we want to tell you more about what is going on at Trendsplant. Like any other company in the textile business, when news broke in Spain, we considered helping by manufacturing protective supplies. Overcome by the situation, we did not see ourselves in the position to be able to do it and did not dive deep enough into it. Our first impulse was to focus on adapting our activity to be able to continue working.

It was a few days later when one of our Portuguese suppliers contacted us and showed us a reusable mask that they were manufacturing for the Police in their country. This was the opportunity to help, we decided to get down to work and created a fund inside the company that some friends and SOLCIR (the solidarity platform of the EUIPO) wanted to join. We have already made a total of 4500 units to be donated urgently to Alicante General Hospital (our hometown), and also to San Juan de Alicante Hospital and other health centers. At this time most of them have already been delivered.

As many of you will have already read, it is almost a reality that during the first stages of recovery, we will all have to wear a mask to be able to leave our homes. We have adapted some of our designs and applied them to the masks, and they are available in packs of three units starting now and shipping next week. In addition to trying to help our community to the best of our ability, and as a result of the decline of the demand for our product and one of our suppliers, creating these masks allows us to keep our companies active, and thus be able to cover our operational costs.

That said, this does not mean that now we are going to start making masks and leaving clothes, this is just a measure we have considered that can help during the current scarcity and give them a bit of a positive vibe by adding our colorful elephant patterns. We have managed to put into production 200 3-unit packs and we will only make more if requested by customers who need them and they cannot find them elsewhere. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that these masks are not a substitute for medical-grade masks (surgical, N95, FFP3, ...). Those masks have certifications that ours do not have due to the current high level of work in certification laboratories. Our masks are washable after each use, this way we are avoiding generating more unnecessary waste, continuing with our aim to make our products more sustainable. 

Get your mask here


We also remind you that in our last communication we provided you with templates to make yours in less than 10 minutes. Here’s the link again in case you prefer to make it yourself by recycling for example a t-shirt you have at home, this is the fastest and cheapest way to get a mask.


I want to create my own mask for FREE


At Trendsplant, our donation capacity is limited, this is the reason is why we have launched a crowdfunding project for anyone who wants to contribute so we can continue producing and donating to hospitals.


I want to donate masks to hospitals

 Thank you for reading this far, this is an unprecedented situation for most of us and together we are creating the path towards the exit door.

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