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Introducing: Wild Tomorrow Fund

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Introducing: Wild Tomorrow Fund

Every post by Trendsplant aims to help you get to know us better, to learn more about our everyday concerns.

This is the third text from us about 1% For The Planet and the Wild Tomorrow Fund (WTF).

We believe it essential that you get a detailed picture of where the percentage of our turnover we spend on improving the planet is going.

Today we want to delve deeper into the specific acts performed by the WTF to make the Earth a better place for all.

Firstly, where does the WTF conduct its activity? Read on and travel with us to southern Africa.

That is the part of the planet where the WTF works to implement its vision of the world: a place where wildlife habitats grow and are protected.

Its mission is also to ensure that the natural reserves have the necessary resources for their proper development and growth.

A global concern

John Steward and Wendy Hapgood, the founders of the WTF, work day in and day out to curb one of the greatest threats to the Earth: the loss of natural habitats, wildlife, and vegetation.

One figure especially drew our attention when we spoke to them: during the length of human life more than one million species may disappear.

Although the situation is worrying, Steward and Hapgood believe we are in time to reverse it, by extending and protecting the natural habitats of endangered sites.

From the outset, the success of their work lies in choosing land that can be rehabilitated to expand the habitats of endangered wildlife.


Unique treasures in danger

You know we have a weakness for elephants (betrayed by our logo and our adoption of that animal’s values), but we’re also fond of the other animals with whom they share lands, such as rhinos, lions, or giraffes.

Those majestic animals are in a constant struggle to survive: they are being decimated by poaching and driven to the brink of extinction.

One of the commitments of the Wild Tomorrow Fund is to help stop this situation. There is a brake pedal: those and other animals can be protected from poaching on the ground.

With the donations it receives, the Wild Tomorrow Fund also acquires the necessary tools to protect and control wildlife populations through tracking collars, blood samples, etc.

Science is the great ally of the Wild Tomorrow Fund. It has a team committed to field research.

Its strength is the conservation and recovery of species. It works in areas high in great biodiversity, where the vegetation and flora are in danger of disappearing.

Thanks for your commitment

If you’ve got this far, thanks! We think you care about the planet on which you live.

We won’t go on. In our blog, we’ve discussed in detail 1% For The Planet, the Wild Tomorrow Fund, and the reason for our association.

We’re sure we can rely on you to help us in this mission!

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