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Trendsplant Report Vol. IX

Posted by Jaime Satorre on

It’s been a while since the last time we spoke about numbers, the truth is that we have been very focused on trying to turn things around, as the second half of 2022 didn't quite...

Two B Corps sharing the same goal: IMPACT

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

THE CREATIVE PROCESSThe collaboration we've done with Barner is probably already familiar to followers of our Instagram feed. Furthermore, you have been able to see them through different influencers who have collaborated with this project....

Meet the team: Javi

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

Today we're introducing Javi. He works in in logistics at Trendsplant Warehouse. We're not too public and don't usually go live on Instagram, but we promised this is going to change in the near future, continuing today.⁠  

Pre-Order: Fall Winter 22 Pigment Dye Pack

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

Have you ever wondered why most of the time when someone asks you about your season preferences they ask...Are you a summer or winter person? Hey there! What's the deal with spring and fall? :)We...

Our World Elephant Day, in numbers

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

There are a few key dates in the calendar we have highlighted. Elephant Day, the 12th of August, is one of them.

Everything we've prepared for World Elephant Day!

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

12 August is a very special date: World Elephant Day. We want today to be a day of celebration at Trendsplant. ⁠⁠

New collab! Marest x Trendsplant

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

"I'd like to go back and relive the beach like before." So said Antonyo Marest to us a few weeks ago... Said and done, Antonyo.

How was our first B Good Day?

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

One of Trendsplant's landmarks has been the achievement of our B Corp rating. It has taken months of work to adapt processes.  

Trendsplant Report Vol. VIII

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

We’re back! We have brought the second quarter to a close, and this is our personal balance sheet.