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Trendsplant is a B Corp!

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Trendsplant is a B Corp!

We have something important to tell you, and we wanted to do it personally. We’re experiencing a genuine feeling of unmatched happiness.

After a hard year’s work with the certification process, we can announce that... Trendsplant is a B Corp! B Corp™ is a global movement of people who believe in companies as regenerating forces in society. It’s a qualification obtained by companies whose main objectives include caring for the world.

There are only 4,200 companies worldwide who hold this certification (in Spain the figure barely exceeds 100). B Corp™ represents part of the global movement of people who use their business as a force for good (Force for good™).

Among the brands with this distinction we find role models like Patagonia (all those who follow us have known for some time that its founder, Yvon Chouinard, is a source of inspiration to Trendsplant).

If we search closer to us we find ECOALF, for example. Its philosophy seems to us first-rate: to generate recycled products with the same quality and design as the best non-recycled products on the market. They were also pioneers in that philosophy, and an engine of change.

Getting to this point has involved more than one year's work. The paperwork is demanding and requires a huge amount of documentation. After the pandemic, there were also many companies who wanted to stand out by becoming a B Corp™.    

This is rather good news, although for us it meant our certification took longer. It’s a sign that there are ever more companies who wish their activity to have a positive effect on society.      

The procedure has helped us improve our documentation processes and our protocols as a company. The work of the last 365 days to become a B Corp™ has had, and will have, a positive effect on our everyday way of working.        

During the inspection we passed to become a B Corp™, we also noted that we exceed many of the standards required to get this qualification.      We know there is always room for improvement, but we are delighted to see that along Trendsplant’s journey as a company, there may have been errors but there have also been successes and things done properly.      

Every year, from now on, we will be subject to inspection by B Corp™, and in the third year we will have to repeat the whole process to certify that we deserve this very positive distinction.      

One more thing: we would not be a B Corp™ if we didn't have your unconditional support every day to enable Trendsplant to keep going.  

So... you’re also part of the B Corp™ movement, part of this regenerating force for a better society.      

T H A N K S!        


All the best,    
Luis and Mike    
Founders of Trendsplant

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