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Two B Corps sharing the same goal: IMPACT

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

THE CREATIVE PROCESSThe collaboration we've done with Barner is probably already familiar to followers of our Instagram feed. Furthermore, you have been able to see them through different influencers who have collaborated with this project....

Pre-Order: Fall Winter 22 Pigment Dye Pack

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

Have you ever wondered why most of the time when someone asks you about your season preferences they ask...Are you a summer or winter person? Hey there! What's the deal with spring and fall? :)We...

Pre-order: Winter Knits

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
This isn’t the first pre-order we’ve launched, nor will it be the last.

SS21 CITRUS PACK: Honoring Mediterranean Citrus Fruit

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

Our connection to the Mediterranean is unique, close, and special. Each collection provides a new opportunity to remind you of its influence. We have paid different tributes to our region over the years: its cities,...

Ecodye Shorts: Using 90% Less Water in the Manufacturing Process

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

We continue to improve by reducing the footprint our activity leaves on the planet. We’re not yet 100% sustainable. It is a target we aim for, but we still have a long way to go....

Kombu Green and Burgundy just arrived!

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

Every year Trendsplant creates new product collections destined for our customers' wardrobes and shelves. Some clothes are instant hits. One of the joys of our job is seeing the stock fly off the racks in just...

All you need to know about Christmas Shopping

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

The end of Black Friday marks the beginning of one of the most important shopping campaigns of the year: Christmas. We’re still recovering from a week granting discounts, dealing with floods of purchases (online and...

Limited Edition Seaqual®Yarn Facemasks: Antonyo Marest

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with the Alicante artist Antonyo Marest, a world reference in urban art: we are launching a collection of masks made with recycled fabrics (SEAQUAL™ fiber) from marine...

Facemasks for a cleaner Sea

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

Our goal is to make Trendsplant more sustainable, due to which, any news concerning the environment is definitely an interesting topic for us. A few days ago, we found an article with some troubling claims made...