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SS22 - Hikers Delight - Mariola

publicado por Miguel Garcia el
SS22 - Hikers Delight - Mariola

New collection, new hopes. And nerves, also nerves. We’ve now been going for 12+1 years and every launch we get the same feeling. Today, we introduce to you our SS22 - Hikers Delight – Mariola collection: a long name describing a range based on our old friend Pigment Dye.

In this case, all our new products are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Sierra de Mariola, a natural space about 80 km from our headquarters.

The Sierra is the home of the Montcabrer, one of the highest peaks in the Valencian region, and the cavas used for long-term storage of ice.

The Sierra is distinguished by the scent of aromatic herbs: Mariola sage, thyme, lavender and chamomile.

One of those herbs provides the inspiration for the name and color of our collection, as you can see.

The Mariola collection is designed for men and women (t-shirts, sweatshirts and SEAQUAL®YARN pants, besides bottles, caps and sunglasses).



Trendsplant's Pigment Dyed products are wholly made in Portugal.

With this treatment, the clothes are dyed with pigments in a traditional style, resulting in a distressed garment that is soft to the touch.

The chemicals used in this technique are less toxic and less polluting, so it is more environmentally friendly.

The shorts in this collection are made in Spain and inspired by climbing gear, with an elasticated waist and a built-in belt.

The fabric of this garment, also made in Spain, consists of 48% SEAQUAL® YARN and 52% cotton.

For accessories like the bottle and the cap, we turn to manufacturers who currently offer us the best quality.

The same can be said of the sunglasses. They are wholly handmade in J.M.'s workshop in Portugal from top quality materials.

All those materials are of Italian origin from manufacturers like Mazzuchelli, pieces of craftsmanship that very few workshops now produce.

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