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Recycling Day is not enough

publicado por Miguel Garcia el
Recycling Day is not enough

Once again, a date is marked on the calendar. Today, May 17, is Recycling Day.

A day marked on the calendar to raise public awareness of the importance of treating waste properly and protecting the environment.

As you know very well, we do not sympathize very much with this kind of almanac, since we prefer continuity in time even though the actions are smaller.

Regular daily effort in this direction has a greater impact than a big change in just one day. Consistency matters.

We want to share with you in these lines what we are doing at Trendsplant to help with recycling.

But before we do, there is something very important: Please reduce your consumption, buy products with a longer life and better quality: You will be contributing very positively to the well-being of the planet.

Our catalog expands with recycled products

In a few weeks, our new socks will be available and made with Recover™. 

This high-quality fiber is produced from used clothing, thus allowing it to be less dependent on virgin materials. 

Neither water nor chemicals are used in manufacturing this material, reducing CO2 emissions and energy use. But there is more. 

We produce this new clothing item in our catalog just 60 kilometers from our shop in Alicante, in the town of Banyeres. This reduces our carbon footprint.

We continue (and will continue) to work with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE

As you know, for a few years now, the material they produce plays a key role in our swimsuits and towels. 

This material has also been included in our trousers as of this year. 

The SEAQUAL® YARN fabric is produced from plastic items collected in different seas and oceans. 

Again, this is a high-quality material that is possible thanks to recycling and that has a very positive impact. 

We need to take more care of our oceans.

Recycled packaging

This is another area in which we have been making improvements.

Considering our intention of becoming to be a more sustainable brand, we had to open this door. 

Any plastic used in Trendsplant is recycled; the paper in our bags or wrappers is also recycled and has an FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council), and is made in Europe. 

Continuing. As you would expect, our boxes are made from recycled cardboard. 

Are we doing enough? To be honest, we can do much more, but we are in a long-distance race and we have to move forward.

Remember that Recycling Day is not just today, it is every day.

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