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Meet the Team: Christian

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Meet the Team: Christian

Christian, capturing moments and helping you on the other end of your screen...

A place to escape…

I always dream of riding a van, a road trip along the coast of Spain and Portugal, by the sea.

What is that Trendsplant item you always put in your suitcase?

My grey hoodie, it has been with me for about four years already and it looks the same as the first day, we are together no matter the seaside, in the mountains or during my daily life in the city.

That song you can’t stop humming?

Feel the way I do by The Jungle Giants, this is my favorite band right now, I love them!

Name another brand that you feel identified with…

Honestly, until I became part of Trendsplant, I had never stopped to think about those kind of things, I simply shopped by trends... Nowadays, there are brands that I like because of their values, as could be Patagonia, I think it should be a reference for many.

What book would you give as a gift?

The monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma. No doubt about it. It helps you realize what really matters, the richest person is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. This stuck in my head, what a great truth.


What does Trendsplant represent to you, beyond clothing…

For me Trendsplant has always been more than just clothing, it represents values that I have gradually made my own as well, especially honesty. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be that one: "honesty".

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