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Limited Edition Seaqual®Yarn Facemasks: Antonyo Marest

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Limited Edition Seaqual®Yarn Facemasks: Antonyo Marest

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with the Alicante artist Antonyo Marest, a world reference in urban art: we are launching a collection of masks made with recycled fabrics (SEAQUAL™ fiber) from marine plastic.

With this new line, we want to raise awareness about the threat posed by the massive use of single-use protection materials during the pandemic for beaches and seas.


In the words of Antonyo:

"When designing these masks, I wanted my artwork to be evident in all three colorways: Summer House, Sea Time, Battle of the Colors

Without any question, Summer House is the closest design to the goal I set for myself: Very colorful, powerful, and based on the very Mediterranean "Never ending summer" motto, where, the sun shines all year round. 

The Mediterranean, our sea, couldn’t be missed: Sea Time is packed with blue and it is an obvious tribute to the water that bathes our shores. SEAQUAL™ is the fabric used to make these masks and contributes to this goal by using recycled plastic from our beloved Mediterranean sea. 

Finally, we have the Battle of the Colors, based on a very simple concept, which I think is key: No matter how different we may be due to color, race, or ideologies, we can all coexist and create something together, that’s the idea behind this pattern."

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