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We’re also Knowcosters

Posted by Luis Guillén Malluguiza on
We’re also Knowcosters

If you follow us routinely, you will know that one of our main goals is to make our activity have a positive aspect on society.

We want that positive impact to grow and become larger as the years go by.

Over recent months we have been working very zealously on achieving that goal. For example, a significant part of the team has been dedicated to achieving all the necessary requirements to become a B-Corp. And we more than achieved it!

Another day we will discuss in more detail what that means. Today the subject is different.

We want to tell you something that pleases us a lot: we’re part of the KNOWCOSTER movement.


This movement is a consumer philosophy based on conscious consumption, on knowing not just the visible cost of the product, but also the unseen indirect costs we all pay: the costs to our welfare and the planet.

We advocate it because consumers get all the available information: they know what has happened before they buy a product and who has been involved.

We believe that more responsible consumption and more informed consumers have a positive impact on society.

As several members of the Trendsplant team like to say, to change society, changing the form of consumption is more effective than voting.

Or as they say at KNOWCOSTER: “We support the society we aspire to have through our consumption”. KNOWCOSTER consumers vote by directing their consumption.

Tax issues have a footprint

KNOWCOST know this, so its label displays the country where the companies obtaining its certification pay their VAT and corporate income taxes.

It’s normal to believe, especially when we buy through the Internet, that we make our purchase in the country where the transaction takes place. Often the reality is different.

The Tax Footprint is a label which displays the countries where companies pay their taxes. The Knowcosters Foundation assigns it free of charge, the only requirement being that the information must be true and must have been issued within the last six months.

Just like the taxes paid by citizens, the taxes paid by companies contribute to the economic and social development of the countries where they trade.

So knowing where our money goes is information we should have as consumers.

With the information provided by the Tax Footprint, consumers may freely and consciously decide what to do.

Transparency and commitment: those two values are always on our minds, and with this step they carry even more weight at Trendsplant.

Thanks if you have read this far. Not just from us, but from all of society. Your interest has a positive impact, even if unseen.

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