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Our commitment to Pre-Orders

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Our commitment to Pre-Orders

A few days ago we launched our new SEAQUAL™ swimwear collection through pre-order.

Obviously, we did not invent this system. Other brands have been using it for years, with very positive results.

At Trendsplant, we discussed implementing pre-orders with a product in other seasons. However, we believe that it (or something very similar to what we discussed) is the future.

We are living at a time when a growing number of people are committed to sustainability in their everyday lives: pre-orders can help with that important commitment.

As one of Trendsplant’s goals is to become more sustainable over time, the pre-ordering system will feature more strongly in future launches.

When a new product is manufactured, one of the biggest challenges is to estimate the amount to be produced. It isn’t an easy task and missing the optimum number means having extra stock that can stick around a long time.

Launching a garment through pre-order helps us to adjust the quantity to be produced in advance. It allows us to calculate the optimum price better and above all, reduce the stock and storage costs.

Tightly-adjusted production means less impact on the planet. Any manufacturing process leaves a footprint, but this is how we make it smaller.


Benefits for all

If you’ve got this far, you’ll see the many benefits of pre-order. It also has a positive impact on the customer.

Since there are benefits for Trendsplant (we produce the optimum amount, reduce the storage costs and stock), that allows us to give our customers a 15% discount, as in the case of the new SEAQUAL™ swimwear.

Pre-ordering has already proved very useful in the manufacture of some products.

In the coming weeks, we’ll launch a new collection of shorts made from SEAQUAL™ fabric using the EcoFinish dyeing processes and a collection of sunglasses made in Portugal. Those two innovations will be available initially through pre-order.

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