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Meet the Team: Mike

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Meet the Team: Mike

Today you'll meet Mike, one of Trendsplant's co-founders and the creative side of the company. He is the person who fills our collections with color and textures.


A place to get lost?

I love getting lost in Japan, have been consistently visiting for many years and I think I’ll never get tired of it.

Few things can I enjoy more than wandering the streets of UraHara, Daikanyama or Nakameguro in Tokyo or a sunset in Miyajima. Japan is an endless source of inspiration, creativity, life lessons, humility, and also great food!



Which Trendsplant garment would you always bring with you?

Hats: The first sample that was made of the denim five panel that is totally wasted, I’ve worn it non stop for over four years, I never take it off.

A t-shirt...I would choose two, Enduro Long Sleeve White and also our Morena T-Shirt Natural (I own 4 of them! Wear it all the time!)


What's that song you keep humming?


I always hum random songs, but if you are asking for a specific song 'Someday' by The Strokes would be that one. I am also a regular on Podcasts. My favorites: 'How I Built This' by NPR, 'Startup' by Gimlet Media, 'The Free+Style Way' by Carl Paoli and 'Business Wars' by Wondery.



What does Trendsplant mean to you, beyond a clothing brand?

It has a thousand dimensions. We created this as a form of expression and little by little we are having the ability to influence our clients and followers who are attracted and identified with our way of doing things. I would say that clothing is the vehicle that will allow us to do our bit to improve our society. Act local, affect global.


Name another brand that you feel comfortable with and like their values...

I always liked creators like H.Fujiwara or Nigo, they are their brands, and they have influenced deeply in what we make today. I like Noah for their design and values. Its creator, Brendon is a reference for me.



What book would you give away?

I usually gift the same one: Let my people go surfing, by Yvon Chouinard. The first time I read it I thought it was written for me (I know I'm not the only one with this feeling). It is a story about the road traveled creating Patagonia, with hairs and signs, as he himself says "a full-fledged manual on how to do things." It represents me and I believe it can be applied to many industries, not just apparel.


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