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Mediterranean Roast ft. Coffeewinks

Posted by Luis Guillén Malluguiza on
Mediterranean Roast ft. Coffeewinks
The beauty of two very different worlds that collide into a product. Coffee and clothing are connected here by sustainability, traceability and also the city where both projects were born, Alicante, by the Mediterranean Sea.

Bringing this project to life has delivered the chance to get to know deeper the processes that are needed for both sectors.

The challenge that both companies Coffeewinks and Trendsplant undergo in order to create things, products that respect the planet, the manufacturing chain, and the people involved in it as much as possible.

This package contains a limited edition t-shirt made from raw - almost unprocessed - cotton yarn and a 250gr bag of specialty coffee 100% arabica from Colombia, freshly roasted on demand by Coffeewinks, a numered edition of 100 units.

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