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Kombu Green and Burgundy just arrived!

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Kombu Green and Burgundy just arrived!

Every year Trendsplant creates new product collections destined for our customers' wardrobes and shelves.

Some clothes are instant hits. One of the joys of our job is seeing the stock fly off the racks in just a few hours. Another pleasure is to see you still wearing those same clothes years later.

We are especially fond of our CLASSICS, the clothes that are always in our catalog, with their timeless design and our prominent elephant logo.

Months ago, we took a great leap forward in quality and sustainability. We decided that a selection of our T-shirts should carry the GREEN LABEL, bringing added value to all customers committed to environmentally friendly consumption.

We are pleased to announce two new colors expanding the GREEN LABEL family: burgundy and kombu green. The first will already be familiar to you from other clothes such as sweatshirts, the second is new but here to stay.


Manufactured in Portugal with the GOTS seal

With these GREEN LABEL additions, we maintain our commitment to this product line: we continue to produce using organic cotton from Portugal bearing the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

That internationally recognized certificate ensures textile processing that does not harm the environment and commitment to sustainable production, using only organically farmed fibers cultivated without substances poisonous to the environment.

GOTS certification also guarantees that the people involved in production are cared for: the products bearing this stamp have been processed by workers earning wages allowing them to live free and decent lives.

It provides the consumer with that extra guarantee of trustworthiness. Of course, these new clothes are manufactured with the same care and dedication as any other Trendsplant product.

From today you can enjoy wearing a more sustainable and simpler garment representing the values that we love about our brand: strength, elegance, and a nomadic spirit.



- 100% organic combed cotton

- 160 g/m² GOTS Certified

- Standard fit short-sleeved t-shirt

- Logo embroidery on chest

- Woven label on neck Knitted, dyed, cut, printed, and sewn 100% in Portugal

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