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Trendsplant is not just about making good products. We make decisions that are good for both the planet and the people who live on it, putting those interests before our own.

They are not always the best for us —they are not usually the quick fix or the short cut—, sometimes they lead us to difficult moments, but we know that the impact we generate is so positive that the extra effort is worth it.

Choosing the difficult path has a reward, in this case for the planet, for you and those to come.

The Earth is not a place to live that we inherit from our ancestors. We have borrowed it, it is our duty to respect and care for it.

When you make a purchase, here at Trendsplant, or elsewhere, think that it's not just a quality product, it's the impact you make with that action.

We have chosen the world of fashion to generate a positive impact, following the premise that ethics is the only real difference between companies.

Let's make decisions together for the best future and ask yourself whenever you can: what is the impact of my decisions on a day-to-day basis?

RePack is the first reusable, returnable and refundable packaging service for e-commerce globally.

Sustainability is the core value of RePack. It is what it has been built on. RePack packaging can be reused at least 20 times. This circular packaging service removes packaging waste and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to
single-use packaging.

The organic (R)evolution

Back in 2019 we decided that no more conventional cotton would be used for our productions when the organic option to make the product was an option, this meant that all circular items in the collection (mostly tshirts and sweaters) have moved to "Green Label".

Since then we've almost finished transitioning all our classics range, including the creation of a new minimalistic line named "essentials", one our customers favorites.