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Retraced: Tech for making Trendsplant’s manufacture and supply chain more transparent

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Retraced: Tech for making Trendsplant’s manufacture and supply chain more transparent

From the outset at Trendsplant, we have thought that change in the fashion world is possible. And we are now seeing it every day.

But that change is only possible when more participants in the sector support transparency and sustainability.

Today we are delighted to announce our partnership with Retraced. Thanks to its technology, from now on you can check the traceability of our products and materials from their source.

Retraced is a technological solution for managing efficiently and transparently the chain of materials, supplies, and manufacturers involved in the manufacture of any of our products (transparency being our key value).

Select any of our garments or products and you will now get very detailed information on the origin of the materials employed, the manufacturers, and the steps of the manufacturing and handling process.


With one click you can exploit all the potential of a technological tool like Retraced.

For us it is a giant step: we’re more transparent than ever. However, at the same time, we have realized that this is only the principle and that this step alone is not sufficient.

Being transparent with information in the fashion world and working to improve sustainability will be just another standard shortly, even if to many people those goals seem distant or too new.


The ten goals of Retraced

We have written ten goals to help you understand what using Retraced means to us (and how it improves the customer’s shopping experience). We aim:

1. To supervise our suppliers and improve Trendsplant's sustainability.

2. To provide important information to our customers so that they can visualize our efforts on transparency and sustainability.

3. To create greater trust in our products and brand.

4. To refine our sustainability standards and evaluate our suppliers continuously over time.

5. To trace each element of each product back to the raw material, and thus verify any sustainability certificate.

6. To monitor any change in the supply chain in real-time to keep track of the potential risks.

7. To compile all the important information on producers, manufacturers, and suppliers in a single place, and to provide access to certificates and audits.

8. To connect consumers for the first time with the whole industry and all the workers involved in the manufacture of a product, so that consumers can decide whether we meet their quality standards before buying (that is very important).

9. We join a platform and technological solution that now comprises more than 45 brands across the world who wish to better inform the purchasing decisions of their customers.

10. 1633 suppliers and manufacturers are registered in Retraced and more than 2500 certificates are stored and approved by the platform.

We live in a complex world, from which fashion supply chains are not exempt.

There is a global clamor for more transparency and sustainability, as we said at the beginning of this message.

Informing the customer about the whole manufacturing and supply chain is not an option, it is a priority.

We end this first text on Retraced with a key figure provided to us by them: 89% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand engaged with environmental and social concerns.

Customers are genuinely interested in knowing how the clothes they wear are manufactured and where they come from. We must give that information to the customer, who possesses all the information before clicking on the product and buying it.

That is the path: we must keep following it.

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