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Trendsplant Report Vol. IX

publicado por Jaime Satorre el

Cuánto tiempo sin hablar de números, la verdad es que hemos estado muy centrados en tratar de levantar el partido, que en el segundo semestre de 2022 se nos puso un poco en contra… Cerramos...

Two B Corps sharing the same goal: IMPACT

publicado por Miguel Garcia el

THE CREATIVE PROCESSThe collaboration we've done with Barner is probably already familiar to followers of our Instagram feed. Furthermore, you have been able to see them through different influencers who have collaborated with this project....

Trendsplant Report Vol. VIII

publicado por Miguel Ángel García Jurado el

We’re back! We have brought the second quarter to a close, and this is our personal balance sheet. 


Who made my clothes?

publicado por Miguel Garcia el
It's time for FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK, with MONEY FASHION POWER as this year's theme.⁠ The event brings together the world's largest fashion activism movement for a week to collectively reimagine a just and equitable fashion system for people and the planet.⁠ ⁠

Trendsplant Report Vol. VII

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
Concentrating production into just a few days

We’re also Knowcosters

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
This movement is a consumer philosophy based on conscious consumption, on knowing not just the visible cost of the product, but also the unseen indirect costs we all pay: the costs to our welfare and the planet.

Trendsplant Report Vol. VI

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
Hello, 2022. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you

Mediterranean Roast ft. Coffeewinks

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
The beauty of two very different worlds that collide into a product. Coffee and clothing are connected here by sustainability, traceability and also the city where both projects were born, Alicante, by the Mediterranean Sea.

Trendsplant is a B Corp!

publicado por Luis Guillén Malluguiza el
After a hard year’s work with the certification process, we can announce that... Trendsplant is a B Corp!