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"Noche de San Juan" will have to wait (one more year)

publicado por Miguel Garcia el
"Noche de San Juan" will have to wait (one more year)

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including one of the most special nights of the year: the Noche de San Juan (Midsummer Night).

Our link to the Mediterranean and the city of Alicante is well known to everyone who follows us or who is interested in Trendsplant.

Today should have been a special day and a very special night in Alicante, when we usually celebrate the Hogueras de San Juan (Midsummer Night bonfires), one of the city's biggest festivals.

This ‘International Tourist Interest’ festival originated in the tradition of burning useless objects with the coming of summer.

The cityscape changes for a week: more than two hundred satirical paper mâché constructions (hogueras) are erected, before being set alight on 24 June, the night of the Cremá (the burning).

We won’t get to enjoy that this year. Neither will we enjoy the streets of Alicante brimming with people or parties with friends on the beaches.

Now there are even more restrictions: also canceled are the legendary mascletás (firecrackers), full of gunpowder, explosions, and noise.

The beaches will be closed for the Noche de San Juan in Alicante and El Campello: as will the vast majority of the province's beaches.

The legendary bonfires in the sand will have to wait until 2022.

We’ll also miss meeting our friends in our store and seeing it full of people.

While we’re here: just to let you know that the store will be closed today and tomorrow, as it’s a local public holiday.

Next year everything will change. Let’s be responsible today and tonight, let’s behave in an exemplary fashion. In 2022 we’ll enjoy Noche de San Juan like never before, we just need to wait a little longer.

We’ll see you next year, very keen to celebrate!

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