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Our World Elephant Day, in numbers

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on
Our World Elephant Day, in numbers

There are a few key dates in the calendar we have highlighted.

Elephant Day, the 12th of August, is one of them.

It's time to take stock of all the actions we launched during that day and the previous week.

It’s our turn to see what we can improve, what we learned from everything and what was all positive.

Let’s start with the latter, the positive. The team agrees that this is the best planned and executed campaign so far.

We had several actions running in parallel and different people on the team working on numerous tasks. 

Planning and good communication between everyone at Trendsplant has been crucial to everything going well. 

The same with execution. Despite the complexity everything went smoothly with not a single nasty surprise.

Believe us, it’s a miracle it happened with a small team like ours.


Constructive criticism

We’d like to extract from this stock take what we can improve and what has not been entirely right. 

We agree that at this year's Elephant Day we launched too many actions.

Our community received a barrage of offers that it could participate in, and we believe it was hard to stay with just one. 

Sometimes less is more, and on this occasion more has been less. Lesson learned. 

Many of you expected a lot of discounts like last year, or at most a draw. 

We believe that the day, 12 August, is not the best time to launch a battery of offers in just 24 hours. 

Looking ahead to Elephant Day next year, we’re clear that there should be one or two very specific actions. And we need to bear in mind the season and especially the holidays.



We’re very happy with the running of the social media awareness-raising campaign that we launched on the elephant’s plight on the planet. 

The video we launched with the collaboration of the team got five times as many plays as one of our usual videos.

That tells us you want to see the team more in our social media profiles. We will do everything we can to do make that happen. 

Meanwhile, you can find out more about them in the Meet the Team posts on our blog


Not everything we hoped for

During Elephant Day we installed a pop-up on our website that allowed the customer to make a donation to the Wild Tomorrow Fund.

We knew that the revenue was not going to be huge, but it was certainly below what we hoped for.

We have decided that we will donate 10% of the turnover for that day, to try to balance the figures and make a significant donation. 

This is no criticism at all, everyone makes the contribution they can. It has been a good thing for us.

The pop-up still functions on the website in a permanent form. We also plan to open a space for you to indicate new causes to which additional donations can be made.

Of course, we’ll continue to be part of the 1% for the planet movement and donate 1% of our turnover to the Wild Tomorrow Fund.  


Some numbers 

  • 33294 people reached organically on social media.  
  • 7861 views of the campaign video  
  • 5513 visits to the website with the development of the Elephant Day actions.

Yes, modest numbers, but at Trendsplant they represent a small step forward, especially since they are organic actions, without additional investment in online advertising.

Before we say goodbye, just to say that we’re already working on the actions for our next anniversary in November. Stay tuned!

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