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Trendsplant Report Vol. VIII

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on
Trendsplant Report Vol. VIII

We’re back! We have brought the second quarter to a close, and this is our personal balance sheet.

We are experiencing, without a doubt, one of the best summers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alicante is full of life. We see people eager to go out on the streets and enjoy friends and family.

After another year, we confirm that Trendsplant swimsuits are the company's flagship item for the summer.

We can only thank you again and again for the way you've welcomed each new model (and if you haven't got yours yet, hurry up, they're going fast).

Sales are not only influenced by the design; more and more of you buy a Trendsplant swimsuit for the commitment contained in each of these garments.

We remind you that they are made with SEAQUAL®YARN, a 100% recycled PET fiber that dries even faster.

And we are proud to say that each Trendsplant swimsuit contains around 11 bottles (about 180 grams of plastic).



Marketplaces and multi-brand stores. Another thing we're happy about is the growth we are experiencing in marketplaces outside Spain and at multi-brand stores.

This is leading to a growth in our sales revenue, of course a new source of income, and our products having a higher turnover.

On the other hand, the amounts invoiced do not enter the cashbox immediately as they do on the web, but this is good news.

It is also good news that customers who buy Trendsplant products in these marketplaces and multi-brand stores turn up for future purchases directly on our renewed website.



Antonyo Marest... is back! Keep an eye on Trendsplant in the coming days on our social networks and website, because we have a premiere we were really looking forward to.

Together with him, we launched a collection of products that is... very Marest.

Very Marest? If you know his artwork, you'll already understand, and if you haven't seen everything he does yet, go to his Instagram profile or read this interview.


Modelo con ropa Trendsplant.jpg


Winter is coming! Joy does not last forever; bad news takes the spotlight away from it.

A complicated winter is coming; we wanted to share it with you too.

We want to be transparent, which is why we are telling you that it's not the best time to have a company.

We have had a difficult year, trying to cope with the rising prices of fuel, gas, and electricity.

The raw materials crisis is another obstacle we have encountered along the way. We read, read, and read, as well as talk to other brands in the industry, and the winter ahead doesn't look too promising.

The energy crisis that we have all heard about will mark the coming months, and it is already being felt.

We can tell you that sales on our website have fallen by 20%.

It is a high percentage, of course. Luckily, we are offsetting it with sales to customers outside Spain, in addition to the volume that marketplaces and multi-brand stores give us.

Selling outside our borders is softening the blow.

Active listening and new products. We are often asked how we develop new products. Part of it comes from teamwork, part of it also comes from the creative development side of Trendsplant.

But, without a doubt, actively listening to our customers is one of the factors we take into account when developing new products.

For several years, our customers have been asking us for a Trendsplant winter jacket.

We can already tell you that it will arrive this year, that it will be a top product, and that we already have the first samples.

It is true that a product like the one we are developing will not have a bargain price; on the contrary, it will be quite high.

This is the highest priced product in the history of Trendsplant.

Before its launch, you will receive a newsletter from us explaining why we want you to understand what we base our decisions on.



Emails to get you thinking. Over the past few weeks, we have sidelined the Trendsplant product emails a little bit.

Many of the newsletters we have sent you were focused on finding a space for reflection.

We want everyone's critical thinking to grow.

If we have made you think for a few seconds, we will have achieved our goal. We will continue along these lines, with this purpose.

Read, watch, listen. In the last report, we share content with you that the Trendsplant team recommends.

This will be true for all the reports we send.

It may or may not be related to our business; it may be a reading, a documentary, or even a podcast.

This is our selection for this edition:



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