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The Swim Shorts the Ocean wants you to wear

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The Swim Shorts the Ocean wants you to wear

As many of you know, at Trendsplant we are increasingly getting involved with actions that help the company to be gradually more sustainable while we gain more experience and have better resources. This summer we chose bathing suits as the "main project", after several campaigns creating high-quality swimwear made of micropoliéster in Portugal, we have taken a step further and we have signed a license agreement with SEAQUAL ™ (later on we explain exactly what this is). 




"The Swim Short the Ocean wants you to Wear"

In 2019, all our swimsuits, both adult and children, will be made with this fiber. The result is spectacular, the touch is identical, the properties, durability...the new styles look incredible, and the classics just as well as they did before, we have achieved the quality and finish that we had originally and continue to manufacture in Portugal (SEAQUAL ™ yarn comes from Spain).


SEAQUAL ™ is dedicated to recycling marine plastic waste into a wide range of high-quality materials. The plastic waste recovered from our oceans, rivers, and beaches is collected, cleaned, classified, recycled, and returned to the industry as SEAQUAL ™ POLYMER to transform them into sustainable and functional products. There is no single solution for plastic pollution and SEAQUAL ™ covers any project that can add value to plastic waste. SEAQUAL ™ is creating a model for a circular economy based on the management and recycling of the most difficult forms of post-consumer waste, be it plastic garbage or post-consumer garments.


SEAQUAL™ creates and manages collaborations between industry, NGOs, communities, and local and national authorities. By engaging the industry and inspiring consumers, SEAQUAL™ builds the infrastructure and creates the necessary demand to add value to Recycled Marine Plastic.


SEAQUAL™ is a raw material brand with traceability and material certification. By choosing products certified by SEAQUAL™, consumers know they are choosing to help eliminate plastic pollution.


SEAQUAL™ guarantees that raw materials and products are made of marine plastic. The waste is accessible to all. In this way, we can all choose to help clean up our oceans.

The production process of SEAQUAL™

With a vertical production process of controlled traceability, SEAQUAL™ recycles some of the collected plastics, converting them into granules, yarn, and fabrics based on responsible manufacturing. The result is recycled fabrics that meet all quality standards.

Where is SEAQUAL™ FIBER made?

SEAQUAL™ FIBER is produced in Spain. Two new SEAQUAL™ marine waste recovery and sorting platforms will become operational soon and will supply SEAQUAL™ FIBER in Asia and North America in 2019/2020. To ensure global supply, SEAQUAL™ plans to operate a total of 7 platforms over time in key locations around the world.       

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