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Two B Corps sharing the same goal: IMPACT

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Two B Corps sharing the same goal: IMPACT

The collaboration we've done with Barner is probably already familiar to followers of our Instagram feed.

Furthermore, you have been able to see them through different influencers who have collaborated with this project.

We've launched a line of products exclusively for both Trendsplant and Barner teams.

Additionally, for a group of people spreading the message: together, we can improve our planet.

Any company can make a positive impact on the planet by using its influence for good. The possibilities are endless if several companies work together.

It would be clearer that decision-making should consider both the planet and the people who live on it when taking action.

By using ethical local production methods, working with certified organic materials, and offering reusable packaging, we prioritize those interests.


Fashion produces 10% of the planet's carbon emissions and consumes the second most amount of water.

There is definitely room for improvement in the fashion industry: it needs to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In association with Barner, we have created this pack of products for our closest community.

There is much more to our mission than spreading a message.

We will plant five trees for every mention of this collaboration on social networks.

Sustainability and social awareness are among Trendsplant's priorities.

As a result, we always strive to protect the environment, join organizations that share these values, and create products that meet these needs.

Our impact can be doubled by joining forces with like-minded companies like Barner and making a difference.


Barner was founded in early 2017 by two friends.

They identified a problem affecting millions of people all over the world: excessive exposure to blue light.

The long hours they spent in front of screens every day were too much for their eyes.

The pair decided to create their own glasses in order to protect their eyes, improve their quality of life, and keep their style intact.

It was inevitable that we would work together one day. We have known each other for a long time, and we have known their product for a long time.

Most of all because we've always been captivated by their motto: "we believe that all companies should be more than just businesses; they should also have souls."

This translates into “[companies] not only focusing on doing the right thing for their consumers and developing great products, but keeping their values ​​close, standing up for what they believe in, and giving something back to the community.”

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