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Trendsplant Report Vol. VIII

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on

We’re back! We have brought the second quarter to a close, and this is our personal balance sheet. 


Trendsplant Report Vol. VII

Posted by Luis Guillén Malluguiza on
Concentrating production into just a few days

Trendsplant is a B Corp!

Posted by Luis Guillén Malluguiza on
After a hard year’s work with the certification process, we can announce that... Trendsplant is a B Corp!


Posted by Luis Guillén Malluguiza on
¡Cumplimos 12 años! Hemos preparado una celebración muy especial.

Retraced: Tech for making Trendsplant’s manufacture and supply chain more transparent

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

From the outset at Trendsplant, we have thought that change in the fashion world is possible. And we are now seeing it every day. But that change is only possible when more participants in the...

Better Labeling: Know what you're buying from us

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

At Trendsplant we’ve known for some time that we can change much more through our consumption than through one vote every so often. We’ve all been swept up in an enormous wave of consumption and...

Introducing: Wild Tomorrow Fund

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

Every post by Trendsplant aims to help you get to know us better, to learn more about our everyday concerns. This is the third text from us about 1% For The Planet and the Wild...

Trendsplant Report Vol.III

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Good news and many announcements.

1% For The Planet: Sustaibability Tax

Posted by Miguel Garcia on

Any activity, however sustainable, has a direct and indirect impact on planet Earth. That claim may lead to confusion, but it’s true and realistic. For example, if I used to need five liters of water...