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Seaqual®Yarn Swimwear: Pre-Order Open

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Seaqual®Yarn Swimwear: Pre-Order Open

At Trendsplant, our decision-making is relentless, with all our successes and our mistakes. Standing still just isn’t an option.

We’re happy to announce that our new SEAQUAL™ fabric swimwear collection is ready to pre-order, and if you order your trunks now, you’ll get a 15% discount.

We’ve spent many hours on these 7 new lines, which will be on beaches and around swimming pools within a few weeks.

We’ve retained the quality many of you already know, and our creative department has strained every sinew to give you the most available options.


We’ve also fine-tuned successful designs from past collections that the Trendsplant family (both customers and employees) have asked us to reissue in some form.

We began using SEAQUAL™ in 2019 when we converted our entire collection of conventional polyester trunks to certified polyester, made from plastic recycled from the sea.

The results are exceptional. The trunks are of the highest quality, they dry even quicker and, of course, they help make the planet a better place for everyone.

To give you some idea, each pair of SEAQUAL™ trunks is made from 11 plastic bottles.

Both the body of the trunks and the inner lining is made of SEAQUAL™ fabric.

All the available lines may be washed in a washing machine and feature a regular cut. The trunks are held up by a drawstring and elasticated waist. There are pockets in the side seams and a handy back pocket with a velcro fastener.

Why are we committed to pre-ordering?

When manufacturing clothing, one of the biggest risks is the planning of production and estimated demand.

By seeking pre-production orders, we can adjust output to demand, reduce prices and become more sustainable. We can avoid over-producing lines that may not sell.

By reserving your trunks now, you’ll get a 15% discount, and your estimated shipping date will be 22 April.

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