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Trendsplant Report Vol. X

Posted by Jaime Satorre on
Trendsplant Report Vol. X

We're back!

After a few months of intense activity, we have a lot of news to share with you. New collections, events, trips... We've been so immersed in a frenetic pace that we haven't had the chance to catch up with you until now.

This has led us to the conclusion that we want to involve you more in our processes, meaning that we'll be generating "Reports" more frequently. This way, we can stay more in tune, almost as if it were live.

So, without much fuss, here’s Report X, and that makes ten!

As members of 1% for the Planet, we understand that the voluntary 1% tax on sales responds to a simple equation:

You consume a resource = You give back a resource.

Among other actions, this year we joined forces with Plogging Rrevolution, an event that combines outdoor exercise with waste collection.

On this occasion, they chose Santa Barbara Castle to carry out the activity. This medieval fortress is located at the top of Mount Benacantil, in Alicante. This emblematic place has incalculable historical and cultural value, being one of the largest fortresses in Spain.

Although public maintenance focuses on the conservation and restoration of the castle, cleaning the mountain slopes has been neglected due to the difficult access for workers.

Faced with this reality, we decided to take action alongside Plogging Rrevolution, which agreed to join 1% for the Planet so that we could sponsor the event in a certified manner, donate products to participants, and create a Trendsplant team that took part in the cleanup.

Together with other volunteers, we managed to collect 217 bags of waste.

Last Black Friday, we tried to give a different meaning to the campaign.

To start, our entire website was on promotion, but only at 10% off, and the discounts were already applied, convenient, simple, and not misleading.

Itt was in the second step when everything got interesting. We left a decision for the buyer to make; on one hand, the option to donate an additional 10% to Wild Tomorrow, or on the other hand, to apply that same discount to the purchase, adding another -10% to the -10% the garment already had.

And we won't lie, it was a great joy to know that the majority of our customers are so aligned with the company's values and what we strive to build day by day.

The reason we chose Wild Tomorrow as the non-profit organization to donate the collected amount to is because we have been committed to them since 2020, donating a portion of 1% of annual revenue through 1% for the Planet, and we have a close relationship of trust with them.

This time, we wanted not only to share the chance of raising additional funds to collaborate in their work to protect and expand habitats for wildlife in southern Africa but also to leave the "responsibility" to you, the customers, to make that decision personally and be voluntary participants rather than imposed ones.

This idea had been bouncing around in our heads for ages... If you've been following us for a bit, you might've spotted Rudolphant in stories and newsletters, and finally, in 2023, we went for it: we brought Rudolphant to life.

The tee came in one color only, Holly Green, and we only had 125 units up for grabs. You could snag one from Christmas until January 6, which is when the Three Wise Men arrive in Spain.

The elephant embodies our company's values: humble · strong · resilient, this time with a touch of that festive spirit, bringing folks together like family.

Even though labor costs have gone up there over the past few years - like the minimum wage jumping from €565 in 2012 to €958 in 2024 - we're adhering to our principles when it comes to our suppliers and their workers. We're all about ethical production, proud to chip in for better working conditions for the one who put our products together.

That's how we roll, staying true to our values and our commitment to the planet, being a B Corp and all, and part of 1% for the Planet.

In the textile game, we figure the human part makes up about 35% of the direct production cost (that's the manufacturing part), with the rest covering materials (mostly from Portugal, too) and getting everything where it needs to go - logistics.

With the recent inflation hanging around, you might've noticed some of your favorite pieces costing a bit more. But hey, we're not about skimping on quality just to keep prices down. We reckon it's on all of us, from the factories to the brands to you, to make sure the people making the stuff we love are doing alright.

We're still on our European journey. Like we've mentioned before, around 80% of Trendsplant's online sales happen outside Spain. That's why just over a year ago, we decided to kick off distribution in France, and then head on over to Germany.

Right now, we've got 6 distribution zones in France, thanks to Hugo, Vadim, Nicolas, Wilfrid, Gauthier, and Stephane. And in Germany, we're working with Sebrina, Philip, and Klaus across 3 zones.

Things have been going great since we started, and we've built up a network of retail spots that trust us for their customers, and it's growing every season.

In January, we hit up two fairs, one in Grenoble and the other in Frankfurt. We're still pushing ahead with our international distribution plans, looking to expand into even more countries. We'll keep you in the loop when we've got more solid details.

The spot we've picked is in a fantastic location, making it easy for more visitors in the city to stumble upon us and check out our product offering.

We're pumped to give our products a fresh home, focusing on the little things, and making sure everyone who walks through the door gets the full experience.

No official opening date just yet, but we're aiming for sometime in July. Stay tuned for updates!

2023 Results in numbers

We've smashed through the one-million-euro revenue barrier, bringing in over 1.3 million euros.

Plus, we've started turning a profit - maybe not a huge one, but it's a significant turnaround. This shift has been crucial in allowing us to scale up our investment in paid media.

Thank you

Thanks for sticking around and reading through the whole Report, and for wanting to dive deeper into our vision, values, and what's new. We hope you feel more connected to us after hearing our thoughts.

Let's keep pushing forward together!

Here are a couple of recommendations:

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  • Podcast: "Open" by Minimalism - Pepe Martin Garcia

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