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New collab! Marest x Trendsplant

Posted by Miguel Ángel García Jurado on
New collab! Marest x Trendsplant

"I'd like to go back and relive the beach like before."

So said Antonyo Marest to us a few weeks ago...

Said and done, Antonyo.

With your help, this is what we convey with the new collaboration we launch today: Marest x Trendsplant.

In collaboration with Marest, we have designed a collection of two T-shirts for men, one T-shirt for women, trunks and a towel.

All products share the Marest signature and the usual Trendsplant quality.

Launching new products is a reason for joy. Designing them with Marest multiplies that joy by a thousand.

The relationship with him goes way back. In 2015 "we had our first collaboration; I painted the Madrid shop".

"We then painted the Calle Bazan shop and more, we have become a family."

If we lacked family, Marest more than made up for it.



Under the LE STRUCTURE concept, we find this composition of t-shirts for both women and men with the combination of 4 different colors.

There are connotations of the architecture and colors that surround us in our homeland.

Marest says that the white T-shirt for men with blue "sketch" lines alludes to "architecture and the use of patterns that have always been very closely linked in my work”.

"In the eighties, American architectural blueprints featured white lines on a blue background".

We have also alluded to the drawings and sketches made to realize the new works and the new concepts.

For the trunks and towel, Marest has played with planes, combined to the millimeter with the use of the trademark, and has achieved balance with the use of black and white.



Let's talk about standards. All the featured t-shirts are manufactured in Portugal from 100% combed organic cotton, as usual.

The trunks are made from SEAQUAL® YARN manufactured from plastic collected from the oceans, the successful fabric used in all our trunks. 

The towel is made a few kilometers from our premises in Banyeres (Alicante) from a mixture of recycled cotton and polyester, with digital color printing.



Antonyo shares with us a passion for the Mediterranean.

"As I have said on other occasions it has the light of Sorolla, the madness of Dali and the abstract strokes of Picasso."

This is apparent from the new collaboration featuring the elements always present in his work, such as "the blue of the sky, the turquoise of our Mediterranean, the yellow of our incredible beaches, the red tones of sunrise, the violets of our sunsets, palm trees, ocean waves".

He always says that our brand "contains a very Mediterranean spirit", and that is what he has conveyed in these new products.



Antonyo Marest was born on the Mediterranean coast in 1987. Thanks to travelling, he has absorbed graphic culture from America to Central Europe. He has staged numerous exhibitions: customization, street art, graffiti, interior, graphic, textile and industrial design. Various exhibitions have taken his creative work from inside the museum to the clarity of the street, and have shared his art with the public in the form of painting, sculpture and photography. Marest has exhibited his paintings and murals in Paris, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo and Aalborg (Denmark), participated in art fairs such as ARCO, Estampa, Incubarte, ArtBogotá, and worked for advertising brands.


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