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It's time to go further...1% For The Planet

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
It's time to go further...1% For The Planet

Many of you already know Yvon Chouinard, for the rest, here is a taste of him: Yvon is Patagonia’s founder, a huge brand in the USA and growing a lot in Europe lately, He has become a reference in the industry, and should be a reference in every industry because he is a laser focus on his objectives and extremely brave in his decisions running the company. By being like this, he is changing people’s minds, and helping the industry the best way possible: leading by example.

I got to know him thanks to my good friend Bruno (Impact scientist) and my co-founder Mike, who handed me a copy of the book where Yvon explains the history and philosophy of Patagonia’s brand. I really encourage you to read it.


The fact is that on top of how much we have learned, it has deeply influenced our view of the company and in the way we want to face the future of Trendsplant, he is a very inspiring leader.

I think there is no doubt by now that the human footprint in nature is already considerable, and without becoming an activist, not even climate change deniers can say that we have nothing to do with what is happening.

Regarding this, Yvon always says something like:

"Don’t get depressed, GET ANGRY!"

Among the many things this man has done over the years, one of them was to create an organization named “1% for the Planet”.

It works so that companies and individuals who want to join, commit to donating 1% of their Overall Turnover to organizations and individuals dedicated to helping the planet.

Yes, you read correctly, 1% of Overall Turnover, not Profits.

As I said before, he has some guts.

Why a percentage of Global Turnover instead of Profits?

Profits can be “adjusted” in many ways, companies can easily generate more expenses by making purchases at the end of the year to reduce profit, also raising salaries of managers in December, productivity bonuses, etc...there are many ways to pay fewer taxes.

Overall turnover is a very direct and simple choice.

As Yvon says:

“The activity of a company generates an impact on the environment, regardless of whether money is earned or not earned…why would we donate only if we win?

We are the ones who have caused every one of this problems, so therefore we are the ones that have to solve them"

A few months ago, in our Black Friday e-mail, we promised that we were going to make bolder decisions as a company, hence I will tell you that we’re going to take action…

It’s time to announce that in the year of our 10th birthday we have joined the movement and we will try to positively influence our surroundings so that awareness is greater.

Starting January 1st, 2020, Trendsplant will donate 1% of its turnover to associations, companies, and individuals who spend their time helping and fixing the planet.

Our idea is to divide the investment into two, on the one hand, help the elephants, and on the other help to clean the beaches, rivers, and mountains that have seen us grow up.

I hope you like this new initiative and if you feel like it you can join too, we will never be too many.

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