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Better Labeling: Know what you're buying from us

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Better Labeling: Know what you're buying from us

At Trendsplant we’ve known for some time that we can change much more through our consumption than through one vote every so often.

We’ve all been swept up in an enormous wave of consumption and contributed, in one way or another, to it growing higher.

We think as we did decades ago. Should we buy clothes intending to change them every year, or clothes that last over time? The answer is simple.

We must change our form of consumption, we must be more responsible.

To practice genuinely responsible consumption, we must have the best possible information on the product.

Months ago, during the first lockdown, we decided to improve our website: to give customers better information on the product and the purchasing process.

We've yet to improve labeling but we've already made progress in this direction, ensuring the information you get as a consumer is more detailed.

You’ll find one or more labels from among those shown below, depending on the garment or products you buy and its composition.

We’ve spent years manufacturing items like swimwear or towels with SEAQUAL®YARN, we’re telling you nothing new if you usually follow us on this subject.

We’re very proud that our garments bear this label indicating that the fabric of the garment is made from plastic recovered from different seas and oceans.

If you want our activity to have a positive impact on the planet, the seas and the oceans are the two spheres we must look after. Plastic is destroying them.

Technology is also a great ally in achieving more responsible consumption. Our new collection of pants bears the ECO-Finish Dye label.

This dyeing process reduces the amount of water we need for this process to just one liter. Yes, we save water, but by using less liquid we also save energy.

The dye is applied to the garment through nebulization, a more sustainable and efficient process. The manufacturing process is cold, significantly reducing energy costs.

It's good that we tell you all this in our communication channels, but we believe it’s even better when it’s present on each item of ours you buy.

Organic cotton is experiencing a boom. It no longer seems strange to enter any store and find a garment guaranteed to be made from organic cotton.

At Trendsplant, we’ve already spent years working with this material, but in our case, we can guarantee that we’re on the right path thanks to GOTS certification.

The objective of that stamp is to define the requirements recognized throughout the world to guarantee the organic status of the textiles, from the harvesting of raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible production.

We’re surprised to find on the market organic cotton T-shirts for less than €8. If that is true, there is someone in the production chain who is not receiving what they should.

And all the labeling we’ve written about till now is under the Green Label umbrella. It’s our stamp combining all the products whose materials and production have a positive impact on the planet.

Each gesture or action counts, no matter how small. We often say that our activity will be positive if we contribute to making the Earth a better place through our work.

Changing the labeling of a product and adding more information liberates the consumer and raises your awareness that when you make a purchase, you’re making an important commitment.

Bonus bit

We always pay attention to detail with each of our products.

The strings attaching the labels to the product have a fastening made of 50% recycled material (all post-consumer).

The thread of the strings is made from 100% recycled material (75% post-consumer / 25% pre-consumer), composed of 25% polyester, 25% cotton and 50% polyethylene.

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