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Pre-Order: Fall Winter 22 Pigment Dye Pack

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Pre-Order: Fall Winter 22 Pigment Dye Pack

Have you ever wondered why most of the time when someone asks you about your season preferences they ask...Are you a summer or winter person? Hey there! What's the deal with spring and fall? :)

We grew up in an area that is famous for summer, Costa Blanca is packed with beautiful beaches and we have great weather all year round. Alicante's spring and fall seasons are incredible (for locals even better than summer, with milder temperatures).

Our February release, “Hikers Delight: Mariola”, featured bright colors inspired by the aromatic herbs found in the nearby natural reserve of Mariola.

This Fall, it's time to show you Vall de Gallinera and its popular cherry trees, another area that has incredible fall colors.

Vall de Gallinera is located around 90kms away from Alicante, heading inland very close to Mariola in the Marina Alta region, it covers an area of around 55 square kilometers and approximately 600 inhabitants populate the 5 villages that compose it.

In this collection - part of the Pigment Dye pack, inspired by flora and fauna from the Mediterranean Coast - the colors of Fall in the area are the star, Cherry, and Poplar trees with their leaves turning from light orange to red leaving shades that evoke what the Japanese define perfectly as Koyo (autumn leaves).

This collection covers both men's and women’s categories and is composed of t-shirts, sweaters, zip sweaters, pants, and accessories such as tote bags, all dyed using pigments.




This is a very particular type of dyeing, that uses fewer enzymes to stick color to the cotton fabric and thus we get a more superficial color.

In this technique, the chemicals are less toxic and least polluting and the color fades with repeated use and wash, as happens with denim, providing a fantastic vintage look.


Several of our releases have relied on this system over the past few years. WHY? This allows us to adjust orders more accurately, leaving fewer items behind at the end of each season, which means that no clothing is forgotten in a warehouse.

The benefits? As a result, if we are more precise with quantities, we can adjust the price; consequently, those who place their orders in the first 10 days will receive a 15% discount, in the next 10 days, you'll get a 10% off retail prices, and in the last 10 days before the actual release, you'll get 5% off.

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