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Trendsplant Report Vol.III

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Trendsplant Report Vol.III
First profits. We’ll remember 2020 for many things, mostly bad because of COVID-19. However, it was the first year we made a profit as a company since we were founded in 2009.

International expansion. We also received our first grant from the Regional Government of Valencia since 2009. It’s a subsidy we’ll devote to promoting the international expansion of Trendsplant in Europe.

The family grows. We’ve recruited three new colleagues: Rafa and Javier are in charge of our warehouse, while Jose arrived a few weeks before them and is working full time on different design issues.

Goodbye to plastic. We’re proud to say that our shipments do not contain any kind of plastic. Until a few weeks ago we kept the plastic layer that covered (and protected) the garments, but now that has changed. We now remove that plastic before we ship your order and we take direct responsibility for recycling it. It’s a small step towards a better world.

FSC certification. There are more packaging changes. The store’s bags are manufactured in Italy from FSC-certified recycled paper.

Our first pants! We’re especially excited about this announcement. A lot of work has gone into these pants, which will be on sale in a few days. We’re looking forward to seeing them.

They are made from SEAQUAL™ fabric and are dyed using the ECOFinish process. Our objectives include making tiny steps toward sustainability: this decision is a giant leap.

Each coil of SEAQUAL™ twine recycles one kilo of plastic, or about 60 bottles, while the ECOFinish dyeing process saves eleven liters of water (the usual industrial process spends twelve liters of water on each liter of clothing).

Organic cotton everywhere. Many of you already know our Green Label products, most of which are made from GOTS-certified cotton in Portugal. They maintain the same quality that has characterised our garments for years.

This material takes centre stage in the catalog: we’ve begun the transition towards making all our sweatshirts and Pigment DYE garments from this material. 50% of our summer tee-shirts already incorporate it.

We’ve also added a few lines of socks, also made from organic cotton.

Bamboo Kun. When you try these socks, you’ll find it difficult to return to other materials. You can now add another color to your collection: black (combined with our elephant’s usual yellow).

1% for the planet. Besides devoting 1% of our turnover to the Wild Tomorrow Fund, we’re strengthening our commitment to this initiative.

We’ve labelled our garments with the ‘1% for the planet’ logo and a QR code, helping you to learn more.

Bombshells! If you’ve reached the end of this message you’ve done well, because we’ve kept the two biggest bombshells till last.

Firstly, there will be Trendsplant glasses this summer! We’re currently testing with a traditional Portuguese manufacturer of that type of product.

There’s more. We’ve planned our first collection of sweaters for autumn/winter this year. This time we’ve opted for a Spanish manufacturer, specifically a Cuenca company that has spent more than thirty years in the sector.

The next Report will be out in early summer and we promise to be back with loads more news! Until then, look after yourselves!

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