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Sustainable packaging solutions: Joining forces with RePack

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Sustainable packaging solutions: Joining forces with RePack

Trendsplant backs RePack to offer more sustainable packaging while rewarding your commitment to improving the planet.

One of the positives we’ve taken from our journey with Trendsplant since 2009 is all the knowledge we have gained. We’ve improved as a company and as individuals, and our activity has had a positive impact on the lives of others. Now we’re pleased to announce new sustainable packaging for your orders: Trendsplant unveils RePack. 

RePack is an answer to the single-use packaging we’re all used to ending up in the trash or in the best case in the recycling bin when the customer is wise to care for the planet. 

For over more than ten years in the fashion world, we have used various types of packaging to ship your orders: recycled plastic, cardboard, paper, etc. For several years we’ve been trying to limit our environmental footprint and so we’ve made a determined commitment to offering an alternative to those traditional options in the form of returnable, sustainable and reusable packaging: i.e. RePack. 

RePack is a simple solution to an ever-growing problem: the waste generated by Internet shopping packaging. By using it we reduce the waste generated by packaging, while you get certain benefits for choosing this sustainable option. Now, when you complete your purchase in the shipping section, you can select RePack packaging for just €3 more. 

When you receive your order you have different choices. The first option is to keep the packaging, which you can put to another use. The second option is to return it to be used again, our favorite option at Trendsplant. If you take this action, we’ll reward your commitment to sustainability with a 15% discount on your next purchase. The process is simple: once you’ve received your products, simply fold the packaging make sure the RePack return flap is visible, and seal it. You can leave your RePack in the nearest mailbox and that’s it! You need to do nothing else! 

There’s more. By using Re-Pack, not only do you get discounts at Trendsplant, but also at any other RePack partners. But we don't want you to think just about the saving you will have on your next purchase. The real reason to use RePack is to back sustainability, help care for the environment and make this world a better place.

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