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Meet the Team: Jose

Posted by Miguel Garcia on
Meet the Team:  Jose artist to give meaning to Trendsplant's creativity...

A place to get lost in?

It's difficult to choose just one place, every place I've traveled to has given me something different... But, look, I choose my city, Alicante.    

This city has seen me grow up since I was a child, I've been here all my life. It is not a city with architectural treasures nor is it distinguished by its wealth of monuments but it does have something that makes it different, the sea and of course the weather.    


What Trendsplant garment do you always carry in your suitcase?

My favorite garment to take on a trip would be the Harlequin Color Block Sweatshirt.    

It is my favorite sweatshirt of the entire catalog. I think the combination of the 4 colors is ideal and it looks even better when worn. It is a very original and striking garment that I can really see myself wearing.   



That song that you can't stop humming...

One of my favorite songs that I listen to, sing and dance to almost every day is 'Under Pressure' by Queen and David Bowie.    

Both Freddie and Bowie are artists that have caught my attention since a few years ago and of course this song they recorded together. These artists were always ahead of their generation, they were different and very creative. This is good music!    



Besides a clothing brand, what does Trendsplant mean to you?

I see it as absolute transparency. All products in the Trendsplant catalog are always designed to be manufactured with the most sustainable materials and technologies.

The importance of traceability in the product’s manufacturing chain is something that we must highlight because it shows us the origin and movements of each garment. I think all this is very interesting and increasingly essential in the times we live in.    

On a personal level, Trendsplant has made me grow professionally, which is an opportunity that I will never forget and I have also been able to meet great people that ensure that this brand has no limits.  



Another brand that you feel comfortable with and like its values?

One of the brands I have felt most comfortable with in recent years is NIKE. Although it is very obvious I had the opportunity to work in one of the brand’s stores, and I soon realized the respect and responsibility that there was between the whole team and the customers, as well as the inspiration and innovation offered to anyone.    

According to NIKE, if you have a body, you are an athlete, despite your shape or the limitations you have. NIKE always offers you the latest high-tech product that suits you best.     

It is ultimately a brand that always surprises me both for its values and for its products and philosophy.   



Which book would you give as a present?

A book that I would give as a gift would be Shoe dog, whose author is Phil Knight, NIKE’s creator.    

It is a book in which the author himself tells the story of NIKE’s origins, although this brand is currently one of the most popular in the world; Phil tells of the amount of risks taken before achieving success. But the best part of this book is the struggle and nonconformity of a group of employees who ended up feeling like a family.  


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